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Rather than attempt to identify and maintain constantly changing lists of organizations, treatment centers, rehabilitation programs, we’ve listed keywords and phrases to assist in locating a program that meets your needs. 

We don’t want to influence the type of treatment you choose to help yourself or your loved one to save their life, but we want to help you as much as possible to find the right type of treatment program. We do not want to advertise because we have no way of knowing which treatment will work best in your situation. But we have found that when looking on the Internet, certain keywords will help you find the different types of treatment centers so you can find one to fit the your needs or those of your loved one.

For links to some other sites you might want to explore...click here.

General Keywords;

-          17 and under
-          abuse
-          alcohol
-          addiction
-          adolescent (for 17 and younger)
-          adult (for 18 and older)
-          aftercare
-          center
-          detox / detoxification
-          drug / “specific drug name – i.e. heroin” addiction
-          facility / facilites
-          female
-          inpatient
-          IOP – intensive outpatient program
-          lockdown
-          long term
-          male
-          outpatient
-          program
-          recovery
-          rehab / rehabilitation
-          rehab center
-          rehab programs
-          residential
-          short term
-          substance abuse
-          treatment
-          treatment centers
-          treatment programs
-          wilderness

NOTE: A couple things to remember as you begin your search - mix and match keywords; i.e., "wilderness drug rehab” or “drug treatment for young adults.”  You can also narrow your search; i.e., by state (“substance abuse michigan ” or “heroin detox michigan”).

NOTE: Use of common Internet “connectors” and the order listed can affect search results so try different combinations.  Results for the examples below differed slightly from one another.

-          adolescent drug treatment
-          “adolescent drug treatment”
-          adolescent “drug treatment”
-          adolescent + “drug treatment”
-          adolescent drug treatment programs michigan
-          adolescent drug treatment programs in michigan
-          “adolescent drug treatment programs” michigan
-          “adolescent drug treatment programs” + michigan
-          adolescent + “drug treatment programs” + michigan
-          michigan + adolescent + “drug treatment programs”
-          “drug treatment programs” + michigan + adolescent

General Keyword Phases –

-          best rated drug rehab programs
-          long term drug rehab programs
-          help for drug (alcohol) addiction
-          help for alcohol addiction
-          types of drug (alcohol) rehab programs
-          residential drug treatment
-          substance abuse treatment centers
-          recovery programs for drug addictions
-          drug Rehab facilities
-          inpatient substance abuse in Michigan

Drug Detox / Drug Detoxification –

-          detox center for drug addiction
-          detox center for alcohol addiction
-          detox from (name of drug)
-          detox off of (name of drug)
-          heroin detox
-          opiate detox centers

Adolescent Treatment – 17 years of age or younger –

-          17 and under drug rehabilitation
-          17 and under drug treatment centers/programs
-          17 and under substance abuse programs
-          adolescent drug treatment centers/programs
-          adolescent long term drug treatment
-          adolescent wilderness treatment
-          adolescent drug rehabilitation
-          adolescent lockdown drug treatment center
-          adolescent inpatient substance abuse programs
-          female adolescent drug treatment
-          male adolescent drug treatment

Adult Treatment – 18 years of age and older –

-          adult long term drug treatment programs
-          adult drug rehabilitation
-          adult rehab centers in Michigan
-          adult substance abuse centers
-          drug treatment

*** Listed below are some other sites you may find useful ***

http://www.familiesanonymous.org – Families Anonymous – 1-800-736-9803

http://www.na.org/ – Narcotics Anonymous – 1-818-773-9999

http://portaltools.na.org/portaltools/MeetingLoc/ – Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Search

http://www.streetdrugs.org/ – Comprehensive information on street drugs

http://www.timetoact.drugfree.org/ – How to tell if your teen is using and actions to intervene

http://www.enddrugabusenow.org/ – End Drug Abuse Now community group - Quincy, Massachusetts

http://www.ci.royal-oak.mi.us/rosoy/ – Save Our Youth Task Force – Royal Oak, Michigan

http://saveouryouthtaskforce.com/ – Save Our Youth Task Force – Livonia, Michigan

http://adozenreasons.com/ – There's a dozen reason to listen and act

http://familiesagainstnarcotics.org/ – Families Against Narcotics – Fraser, Michigan

http://parents4achange.net/ – Parents 4 A Change – Southington, Connecticut

http://teensusingdrugs.org/ –  Teens Using Drugs: What To Know & What To Do

http://www.teenyellowpages.org/ – Teen Yellow Pages

http://www.theantidrug.com/ – Parents-The Anti-Drug

http://www.drugfree.org/ – The Partnership for a Drug-Free America

http://www.drugfree.org/notinmyhouse/ – A video clip on Prescription Drugs in our medicine cabinets

http://www.drugfree.org/memorials/ – Memorials for those we've lost to drugs and alcohol

http://www.geocities.com/dyingtogethigh/ – Memorials for those we've lost to drugs and alcohol

http://www.whynotstop.org/ – Cartoon characters in a video & interactive stories intended for ages 8-11

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